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Rebirth within the Unknown “When you are ready for a soulful transformation.”

How can we find excitement, pleasure, curiosity, and stability in the unknown? First, we need to welcome in the uncomfortableness.

Our world thrives on productivity and speed. When we are ready to shed our skin within an old identity and embrace a new role the transition can be chaotic and seem very stagnant (non productive). The Embodied Portal Work is inviting us to feel where we are at within the process and to be ok with the pause. The invitation of feeling beyond a story or label is the flow of feminine energy. Feminine energy flows through men and women. The vibration of the unknown is feminine energy and feminine energy is non-linear and chaotic by nature.

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Igniting a Culture of Potential: yours, mine, and ours.

In simplest terms, a culture of potential is an agreement within a community that our inherent creative and expressive potential as human beings is worthy of cultivating both within individuals and the group itself.

Furthermore, as a culture of potential matures, it will be self-propagating within the community as the cultural behaviors, attitudes, and norms that ignite it will become ingrained.

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Objects in the Rearview Mirror May Appear Closer than They Are.

As Glennon Doyle says in her new book UNTAMED, “What we need right now is more women who have detoxed themselves so completely from the world’s expectations that they are full of nothing but themselves. What we need are women who are full of themselves.”
What if we as women treated our lives like a nonprofit or a B Corp? Instead of making getting to the top our goal – or whatever that little voice is telling us – let’s take some time to detox from what the world says that we want, and create a plan for ourselves that allows us a double bottom line – fiscal responsibility AND being true to our core missions and values.

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Your Core Gift – Your Thread of Light: The Gift You’ve Been Threading All Along

So how does “Core Gifts” apply to our work as entrepreneurs and as women balancing many roles in our lives? Knowing our Core Gift helps us to cut through the noise of everything calling out for us to fix it or save it or just “make it happen.” The myth of the woman who does it all and still keeps it all together is wiping us out. I feel this thread deeply in the calls I get from women asking for coaching.

Parker Palmer observes in his brilliant book, “Let Your Life Speak”:
“When I give something I do not possess, I give a false and dangerous gift, a gift that looks like love but is, in reality, loveless—a gift given more from my need to prove myself than from the other’s need to be cared for. Yes, we are created in and for community, to be there, in love, for one another. But community cuts both ways: when we reach the limits of our own capacity to love, community means trusting that someone else will be available to the person in need.”

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Starting Up During COVID-19 storytelling and pivots – The Power of WE

Starting Up During COVID-19 | Lessons I learned launching a cleaning company during a pandemic + other tips and takeaways for authentic storytelling.

Authentic storytelling is the most important thing you can do for your company. No matter the size of your business, or the industry you are in, authenticity matters. Your ability to be authentic affects your brand’s growth and ultimately its bottom line.

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Your TRUE Purpose – The Power of WE

Right now, we are being called to stand strongly in our purpose and higher calling.

But how do we know if our purpose is coming from our heart, or from our conditioning?
The world needs change, our communities need change, we need change. In the midst of this global unrest, the idea of change can feel overwhelming, unless the change we move toward is coming from our higher purpose. Those ideas that won’t leave you alone, the nudging you feel to do that thing you’ve been wanting to do for a long time, the desire to move into work that fills you up – these are all coming from your sense of true purpose.

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