Rebirth within the Unknown “When you are ready for a soulful transformation.”

By Jenna Pfingston, Embodied Wisdom Facilitator / Inspirational Speaker / Yoga Teacher
In 2009, I went through an identity crisis. I was working for a Design Firm in Denver and the economy crashed. My life started to crumble within a few layers. I lost my job, I ended a relationship, and I lost a teacher / friend to cancer. Life was chaotic and the fear that resided within me was connected  to the unknown. I was in a heavy and confused space. I decided to purchase a one way plane ticket to South East Asia and embrace the simplicity of life with a backpack.  I had no idea where I was going  but I did know, I needed a rebirth within my soul. The old identity was no longer working and so I jumped ‘in’.

This story was way before my exploration within the Embodied Portal Work but it is so relevant to what I would like to share. Here WE are in 2020 and our world is moving through a Rebirth In the Unknown which unfolds into a rebirth for many souls on a personal level.  We have always been in the unknown on a daily basis but the state of our world within the now has amplified the energy. If we are ready for a new identity, a new role, a soulful rebirth then we need to be open to the vastness of the unknown.  
How can we find excitement, pleasure, curiosity, and stability in the unknown? First, we need to welcome in the uncomfortableness.   

Our world thrives on productivity and speed.  When we are ready to shed our skin within an old identity and embrace a new role the transition can be chaotic and seem very stagnant (non productive). The Embodied Portal Work is inviting us to feel where we are at within the process and to be ok with the pause. The invitation of feeling beyond a story or label is the flow of feminine energy.  Feminine energy flows through men and women.  The vibration of the unknown is feminine energy and feminine energy is non-linear and chaotic by nature. 
Many times in order to have a rebirth of the soul we need to welcome in death and this is not an easy space to be in.  Coming back to productivity and speed our world is obsessed with structure, control, predictability, etc…  The challenge is to let go of society and lineage beliefs within the relationship of control and allow your soul to be curious within the portal of the unknown. 
When we can open up the embodied way of living ~ the unknown is a phase of the journey we’ll meet again and again. An opportunity for creation. An opportunity to expand our wings into a higher truth. 


1) Do you feel you are in the unknown right now within a soulful rebirth?  A new identity or role. 
2) Can you recall a story from the past where you felt lost in the unknown; who am I as a woman, as a mother, as a wife, as a lover, as a powerful woman, etc..
3) What were you like in those moments of being in the unknown?
4) What are you feeling today beyond the stories or do you recall the feelings that moved into your body in the past when attached to the unknown?
My travels in 2009 to South East Asia were blessed with many gifts and at times I was in the dark portal of the unknown. I traveled for 7 months and at the end of my journey I embarked on a new identity, a new role. I opened up my yoga studio (jalaBlu Yoga) in Buena Vista, CO and my wings expanded in ways that I could have never imagined.  I’m welcoming myself back into a rebirth as I write this blog (2020) and the Embodied Portal Work is an invitation to welcome it all in. I would love for you to take the dance with me, shall ‘WE’?
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About Jenna Pfingston has embraced the exploration of the physical body through yoga and dance most of her life.  Jenna believes that the physical body is the portal to our highest truth if we are open to listen.  Jenna has been devoted to her yoga studies for over 20 years and has owned jalaBlu Yoga in Buena Vista, CO for 10 years. 

Jenna has expanded her profound offerings and is now an Embodied Wisdom Facilitator.  Navigating clients into the ‘feeling’ body so that frozen energy can move into a state of flow.  A high percentage of humans on this planet are living a disembodied life.  The invitation of feeling pleasure, pain, and all of the in-between can bring a higher frequency into the wisdom that resides within.  An opportunity for each soul to awaken into the power of who they are.  Jenna is currently holding sacred space for one on one sessions in person and online, group workshops, retreats, and lectures through various platforms (YouTube
Spotifyitunes, and Insight Timer).

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