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Right now we are being called to stand strongly in our purpose and higher calling.

But how do we know if our purpose is coming from our heart, or from our conditioning?

We talked last month about how our cultures and societies have shaped our language and how it makes us feel. I used the example of the words Success and Value. Our definitions, and the responses they bring in our bodies, come from the very paradigms that are being challenged and tested right now.

The world needs change, our communities need change, we need change. In the midst of this global unrest, the idea of change can feel overwhelming, unless the change we move toward is coming from our higher purpose.

Those ideas that won’t leave you alone, the nudging you feel to do that thing you’ve been wanting to do for a long time, the desire to move into work that fills you up – these are all coming from your sense of true purpose.

Everything we are feeling called to do right now, is coming to us because we have the capacity to bring it to life.

I want to share again the work of HeartMath. They have a meditation to help you tune into your heart and begin to understand what it feels like when the messages and ideas come from this heart space instead of our brains.

The heart messages are the feminine, while the mind is the masculine. We don’t favor one over the other, but we need to relearn how to listen to the feminine side of our beings to bring ourselves and the world back into balance. Our conditioning, education, expectations in the workplace have all been created within this masculine paradigm. We are seeing, in extreme situations, that these structures no longer work. Have they ever? For some – yes, for all – no. Why? Because they operate from the absence of the feminine. They discount and discredit the intuitive, deeper knowing that is a connection with the greater good working to emerge.

So, what to do? How do we recognize and move into action around our true purpose? The answer can be found within your heart. How to move forward will look different for us all, based on our strengths and gifts. Putting those gifts into action requires the feminine qualities of trust, acceptance, and acknowledgement that the light and dark exist within each other.

I invite you to sit quietly and take some long, settling breaths. Place your hand on your heart, close your eyes, and ask this space of deeper knowing, What is my true purpose?

By Laurie Benson – Laurie works with women (and men) who are curious about the role they are here to play in the world. Whether they already sit in positions as leaders of businesses and industries, or are just stepping into what leadership of themselves, and for their families, and their communities might look like, it all begins with inner awareness.

She knows that the road to change begins with heightened self-awareness. We must create change in ourselves before we can change the world. Laurie and her husband Joel Benson also own and operate BV Roastery and is Laurie is also the founder of The Village in BV.

To hear more about this topic join Laurie in a panel discussion “How Do YOU Bring Purpose to Life, Exploring Our Gifts & Sharing Them Through Authentic Marketing.” Held on June 15th from noon to 1:30pm. Register

The Power of We (Women Entrepreneurs) Forum Series, held monthly through the fall, will focus on heart-based thinking, the power or purpose, sharing one’s gifts, reimagining life/work via creativity and innovation and thriving by tapping into one’s authentic self and intuition.

To view previously held WE Forum Series webinars email info@centralsbdc.og

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