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Redefining one’s true purpose often comes during times of great loss. Purpose can unfold profoundly during loss. 

I have personally experienced this fact of life through my own devastating losses. I think this could be because when loss happens change is inevitable. I have found that the more, I fight change the harder I’ve made it for myself and others. 

We can become stuck in the initial stages of the process of loss and grief: denial, anger, bargaining/blame, depression, rather than embracing change and moving into the final stages of acceptance (and “finding meaning”). Often times our complete focus is on the desire to get things back to normal as quickly as possible. In our minds this will stop the pain, grief, and loss – and it’s natural for us to believe this.

Yet loss, change and processing the stages of grief, by moving through them, often brings incredible opportunities for rebirth, renewal and a refocus on self-awareness. A chance to come out on the other side stronger, more resilient and even more content and happier in the simplicity of living life with an open heart. Change forces us into new forms of awareness and understanding, bringing out in us the strength within to survive and ultimately thrive. It seems when we get to the dark levels of what many of us call “rock bottom” – the moment that we believe we can endure no more – then something beautiful happens. Our true essence emerges and insights to our calling or purpose become clearer.  

When we lean into change, hope begins to arise, self-awareness processes naturally begin to stir, one’s heart opens and the fundamental desire to live profoundly appears. Musician, Gloria Estefan, describes this as “coming out of the dark,” Yogi’s define it as bliss, many of us recognize these moments as the defining ones of our lives or an “awakening”. However, one internally defines these moments, they can be a moment in time in which more of our essential nature or character is revealed. 

Poignantly – amidst the Covid-19 pandemic – just about everyone in the world, internally and externally, is going through life altering, defining processes together. This pandemic brings with it devastating loss of what many of us held dear and, at the same time, incredible opportunities for reimagining life and work. Allowing each of us individually and collectively to tap into heart-based authenticity – for this is where our calling and power of purpose reside. Perhaps the silver lining in Covid-19 is an opportunity for each of us to reawaken, rediscover or reimagine our Power of Purpose.   

In Richard Leider and David Shapiro’s book “Work Reimagined – Uncover Your Calling” their dedication to its readers says, “To all those who have uncovered their calling to find a living worth living.” Maybe you have already been living your calling and your business is based on your purpose and then this pandemic stopped you in your tracks. These times still present to each of us the opportunity to reconsider what is important to oneself and our life’s work.

We are invited to reconceive ways to pivot and grow and connect more thoughtfully with our family, customers and community. Here is a great podcast to further unpack this idea:

Gregg Braden, American author, scientist and 2020 Templeton Prize Nominee emphasizes these ideals in a statement, “We’ve all heard the adage that the only constant in life is change. We’ve also heard that change can be one of the most stressful experiences we face in life. And it’s that stress of change that biologists tell us is the trigger for new ways of thinking and living—the evolutionary transformation that makes us better people, creates stronger families and communities, and ultimately promises our survival as a species. The formula is clear: the bigger the shift, the greater the transformation.”

He continues, “We’re living the shift from creating our lives based upon the way our MINDS see the world to a new way of thinking and living based upon the way our HEARTS and minds sense the world.”

To achieve this transformation, we need to get out of our heads and into our hearts. The Power of We (Women Entrepreneurs) Forum Series, held monthly through the fall, will focus on heart-based thinking, the power or purpose, sharing one’s gifts, reimagining life/work via creativity and innovation and thriving by tapping into one’s authentic self and intuition.

The current plan is to offer thought-provoking and helpful content (insights, internal or external development processes and work/life tools) via a blog/newsletter each week for three weeks in a row.  Then host a “Power of WE” free webinar with three panelists (one of each of the blog writers) that month. The writers and presenters will evolve and rotate.

Most importantly, we want and need to involve each of you on this journey. We want to hear your stories, understand your obstacles and celebrate your victories. We will be available online or offline to answer your questions or support you with additional resources. We really are in this together and it is a gift to each of us to collaborate and expand on varied opinions and experiences.

This journey begins May 18th and we ask you to participate through the polls and engaging with your questions and sharing your stories. We’ve set aside 30 minutes today, at the end of this webinar, to hear your stories of purpose, calling, reimagining work, your pivots and dreams for the future. Moving forward we will continue to ask for your engagement in a variety of forms including allowing interaction time after each monthly webinar. To view previously held WE Forum Series webinars email info@centralsbdc.og

By Jamie Billesbach, Central Mountain SBDC Center Director –

We would love this series to spawn smaller discussion groups, mini workshops and perhaps even new, innovative, for-profit or non-for-profit concepts, to assist our communities. At the very least, we hope collectively we can assist each other to grow, inspire and encourage heart-based innovation in each other. Join us for upcoming We Forum Series click here for dates and registration links.

For handouts of Richard Leider’s Purpose Quiz and other tools click here. Recommend works: Work Reimagined Uncover Your Calling, The Power of Purpose both by Richard Leider. Gregg Braden’s works can be seen at this link. Why we work by Barry Schartz. The Big Know podcasts and Youtube. 

The Power of Purpose Links & Books Enjoy!

Watch & Listen Richard Leider’s work

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